So You're A Novelist: What's Wrong With You?

Amanda Erin Miller has been trying to write a novel for over four years with the knowledge that even if she is so triumphant as to finish it one day, there is no guarantee anyone will read it besides her writing group. Nevertheless there is a compulsion to write the damn thing. She can't help but shake her head at the sheer insanity of the undertaking and has concluded that someone who attempts this has to have something (or multiple things) wrong with them. Her curiosity about the inner workings of other humans who attempt to write novels inspired the idea for this podcast. Each episode features a guest novelist interviewed by Amanda. New episodes are released on the first of the month. To find out more about Amanda, visit
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So You're A Novelist: What's Wrong With You?


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Dec 31, 2016

In this first episode of 2017, Leonora discusses her desire to transfer her fear of failure into a fear of dying before completing her novel, just to get the damn thing done. She also talks about tricking herself out of procrastination by using a vintage timer and small rewards, her chai latte addiction, using her therapist as a sounding board for novel ideas and how her anxiety sometimes causes her to eat her own face. 

Leonora Stein is a high school English teacher and an aspiring novelist. While working on the second draft of her novel, she is also developing a pitch for a television series that will hopefully be as popular as The Walking Dead. For seven years, she ran her own bookstore in Brooklyn, Babbo's Books.

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